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So, you have some doubts about paternity, or maternity,and to clear your doubts you would like to do DNA testing, but the other party is not co-operative and you would like to be discreet about the DNA testing. There are some steps to perform the discreet DNA testing. But be aware that by doing so, you are invading the right of privacy of the other individuals and could very well be prosecuted for the same.

The steps to perform Secret DNA Testing

  1. First, you should familiarize yourself with the detail terms of the DNA testing and its different methods of paternity testing. You also will have to understand various technical terms, which are written on the DNA testing Lab medical report. There are numerous methods with which the paternity testing is done. Decide about the method which you would like to use for DNA testing.
  2. There are multiple ways to do discreet sampling for DNA testing and the extra cost for testing, as well as the accuracy/success rate varies with each one.  The table below gives you an idea of the various choices:
CategoryGeneral CommentsExtra Cost Per SampleSuccess Rate*
Blood (Whole)Medical blood draw in Vacutainer tube.$119.0099%
Blood StainsBand aids, tampons, blood-stained tissues.$119.0075%
BoneFibula or Femur, ~
4-inch section.
Price on request75%
Cigarette Butts2 to 4 butts$119.0065%
ClothingHats, baseball caps, underwear, bandanna.$119.0050%
Dental FlossDo not touch the floss with your fingers.$119.0075%
Ear WaxCotton swab or Q-tip.$119.0075%
Electric Razor ClippingsPlace in paper envelope.$119.0050%
GumDo not touch the gum with your fingers. Sugar-free gum is preferred.$119.0050%
HairRoots or follicles must be attached. Hair from  brush or comb may not work. Required 6-10 hairs.$119.0060%
Licked Envelope/StampGreeting card or letter.$195.0025%
Nails (Finger / Toe)Freshly trimmed nails work best.$119.0075%
Paraffin Embedded TissueFrom pathology laboratories.$195.0095%
Post Mortem TissueCoroner samples, funeral homes.$195.0065%
RazorsPlace razor in a paper envelope.$119.0040%
Sperm / SemenLiquid semen: Absorb suspected semen stain onto a clean cotton swab. Air-dry for 1 hour.

Dried semen stains: Absorb semen stain onto a clean cotton swab moistened with distilled water. Air-dry for 1 hour.

TeethMolar, premolar or canine preferred.$195.0085%
ToothbrushAir-dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutes.$119.0075%
ToothpickDon’t touch the toothpick with your fingers.$119.0065%
Umbilical Cord (Dried)Place in paper envelope.$119.0090%
Used Kleenex / HandkerchiefNasal Mucous. Place in paper envelope.$195.00
  1. 95%

Determine which of these types of samples is going to work best for your purposes, collect the sample along with the other sample (child’s) for comparison and mail off to the lab per the instructions given to you.

3.   If you need advice about the best type of discreet sample to collect and how to do so, contact the testing service beforehand and they will be glad to help you make the right selection and guide you in the sampling process.

4.   Depending on which sort of discreet sample you sent in, test results will be ready anywhere from 5 working days to approximately 10.

5.   After the DNA testing lab is finished with the tests, you will obtain your results first by email, followed up by a hard copy in the mail of your paternity testing report.


DNA testing today is mostly used for establishing the paternity claims and is used extensively in court cases as the viable medical evidence. However, sometimes the other party refuses the right or creates many obstacles. So, if you would like to do the paternity testing and would like to avoid all the hassles, you can take some steps to perform secret DNA testing. However, you should realize that secret dna testing  is not considered to be Legal DNA Testing or Chain of Custody DNA testing so cannot be used in court.  This could, however, be a good first step in that direction by first proving paternity or genetic relationship through this type of testing if other avenues have been unsuccessful.

paternity testing Secret DNA Testing

ShippingAll Packing is Discreet; shipping to multiple addresses possible;
PriceFrom $238.00
Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Money Order
Time5-10 Days
Blood /Saliva /HairVaries
Legalbad Secret DNA Testing
PinExt Secret DNA Testing
tafbutton blue16 Secret DNA Testing

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